Children from Liberia

My brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,  Greetings of peace to all!

Let me thank you first for following my blog.  I encourage everyone to please like and share the gospel readings I post.  We never know whom we are touching lives to help them get inspired.

In line with this, I was messaged by Pastor Daniel S. Walker on my Facebook page.  We had our chat and he told me about the situation of the children in Liberia.  He asked me if  I can work with them for a mission in Liberia west Africa.

At first, I was thinking, who is this man?  Is he for real?  Why is he asking me to work with him?  I live in the Philippines and geographically speaking, there is no way for me to be able to work with him, even if I wanted to.

I asked him what kind of help I can bring.  I am not that fortunate enough to reach them out.  Then he emailed me with this message:

Dear Saints of God,
we are so excited and glad for the great concern you have shown to us
in Liberia.
We are going in the rural area for a major crusade so if you can be a
blessing to this great crusade that will bring lost souls to Christ’s
kingdom in Liberia west Africa with whatever God lay on your heart
will highly be appreciated.
As for the community we have underprivileged children that also need
serious attention. These children lost their parents during the post
Ebola crisis in Liberia and since then they have been in our care as a
church so we will also appreciate you for then.
Please send me your full name cause I want the school should be in
your name for the great concern you have shown to us . Attached here
are few photos of the children for your viewing.
may God bless you and your family as we wait to hearing from you soon.
Sincerely yours.
Pastor Daniel S. walker
West point
Monrovia Liberia
West Africa
Contact 2318867854620/231770726364

Here are the pictures:

I do not deserve to have a school under my name (I don’t want that as well).  I am deeply moved just looking at these pictures.

I have, to be honest, at first, I thought that this was some kind of scam or something.  ?If it is, Mr. Daniels got the wrong person.

Anyway,  I think God would like me to help them out.  The best thing I can do is to spread this message across to all.   Let us help them in any way we can.  Whatever we can give, they will appreciate it.  You can reach me out on my email add: or you can contact Ptr Walker, you can reach him at t 2318867854620/231770726364.

God bless us all.

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