Daily Verse Reading – Isaiah 56:1-3, 6-8

Isaiah 56:1-3

Salvation for the Nations

56 Thus says the Lord:gods-plan-of-salvation

Preserve justice
and do righteousness,
for My salvation is about to come
and My righteousness to be revealed.
2 Blessed is the man who does this,
and the son of man who takes hold of it,
who keeps from polluting the Sabbath
and keeps his hand from doing any evil.
3 Do not let the son of the foreigner
who has joined himself to the Lord
speak, saying,
“The Lord has utterly separated me from His people”;
do not let the eunuch say,
“I am only a dry tree.”

Isaiah 56:6-8

6 Also the sons of the foreigner who join themselves to the Lord
to serve Him,
and to love the name of the Lord,
and to be His servants,
to everyone who keeps from polluting the Sabbath
and takes hold of My covenant,
7 even them I will bring to My holy mountain
and make them joyful in My house of prayer.
Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices
shall be accepted on My altar;
for My house shall be called
a house of prayer for all people.
8 The Lord God
who gathers the outcasts of Israel says,
Yet I will gather others to them
besides those who already are gathered to him.

Modern English Version (MEV)
The Holy Bible, Modern English Version. Copyright © 2014 by Military Bible Association. Published and distributed by Charisma House.
image source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-6ZA7DNWgU0Y/UqNfrHkV7bI/AAAAAAAAAyY/Xt5JAf2weWU/s1600/gods-plan-of-salvation.jpg
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