Daily Verse Reading 

Book of Proverbs 21:1-6.10-13.

Like a stream is the king’s heart in the hand of the LORD; wherever it pleases him, he directs it.
All the ways of a man may be right in his own eyes, but it is the LORD who proves hearts.
To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.
Haughty eyes and a proud heart– the tillage of the wicked is sin.
The plans of the diligent are sure of profit, but all rash haste leads certainly to poverty.
He who makes a fortune by a lying tongue is chasing a bubble over deadly snares.
The soul of the wicked man desires evil; his neighbor finds no pity in his eyes.
When the arrogant man is punished, the simple are the wiser; when the wise man is instructed, he gains knowledge.
The just man appraises the house of the wicked: there is one who brings down the wicked to ruin.
He who shuts his ear to the cry of the poor will himself also call and not be heard.

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